We’re All In This Together


WAITT Community Giving is a network of philanthropically-minded businesses that commit to donating a portion of their revenue monthly to local charities, non-profit groups, community organizations, and other causes that help make our world better place.

How It Works

At WAITT, we believe all businesses can give back in some capacity. Upon joining, we will help you map out a giving strategy based on your values, your clients’ values, your community’s needs, and your overall goals as a business. Together we will develop a timeline, identify which organizations to to support, and help you cultivate relationships with these organizations.

Member Businesses can choose to either designate one organization per day to receive a donation or select a handful organizations per month. WAITT will notify the donation recipients ahead of time so they can spread the word. We’ll create graphics that can be shared online, in newsletters, or in your place of business. Each month, members send in a single donation payment that WAITT will distribute to the appropriate recipients.

Communities will support the businesses who support them in return. We all rise together.