Welcome to WAITT


WAITT- We’re All In This Together, began in September of 2014 and was originally named For All the Right Reasons.

WAITT is a collaborative effort between local businesses that commit to donating a percentage of their daily/weekly/monthly revenue toward the charities of their choice.  Each day local charities, non-profits, and other community-based organizations are featured. By featuring different organizations, businesses are able to make donations to a wide variety of causes.

When customers visit a participating business, they will see a calendar that lists the charities that business will be giving to that month.  WAITT is delighted to announce that to date, there are over 200 charities that are receiving donations!  As businesses grow and prosper, the ability to give back to the community increases.  By everyone contributing, our community is well served and connected through this momentum of generosity.

WAITT– connecting business with community for all the right reasons!



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