What is WAITT?

What is WAITT?

  • We’re All in This Together is a unique marketing company that connects business with community.
  • WAITT facilitates business growth by structuring a strategic marketing plan with mindful and systematic giving.
  • WAITT is a collaborative win-win for businesses, their customers and the organizations receiving donations.

What are the benefits of participating in WAITT?

  • Increases exposure in the community
  • Increases loyalty among customers
  • Nurtures mutually beneficial relationships
  • Streamlines the process of giving
  • Reallocates ineffective marketing dollars
  • Removes the confusion of too many different marketing opportunities
  • Measurable results
  • Gives you a leg up on your competition
  • We connect you with new residents in the community
  • Mindful tax deductions to help with accounting challenges
  • Reduces the stress of having to say no
  • Provides a tool for your staff to follow so you can work ON your business
  • Gives you meaningful material to use in your social media
  • Become part of a group of positive, like-minded business owners
  • Promotes something that touches your community
  • Reap unexpected positive good will
  • Pinpoints what is truly important to your business while respectfully educating and sharing your values with consumers

What does WAITT do?

  • WAITT connects your business with organizations which are meaningful and beneficial to your bottom line

* Our framework will – Increase awareness for both your business and the organizations you select

– Help you structure your giving plan

– Provide a platform for handling the many donation requests you receive throughout the year

– Reinvigorates your consumer’s sense of pride and confidence in your business

– Increase revenue and goodwill; changing marketing dollars into donations

– Perpetuate the cultivation of relationships

– Respectfully educate organizations on the various ways they may reciprocate and show appreciation

– Proactively reach out to organizations to make sure they understand the importance of synergy

– Teach the exponential benefits of both giving and receiving

– Facilitate WAITT’s Welcome program for new residents

– We promote your good will so you don’t have to

– Present a selection of organizations which may be of interest and benefit to your business

– Make it easy for you. You write only one check. We process 100% of your donations directly