A Poem About WAITT..

WAITT – We’re All In This Together

Listen dear people, and you shall hear,

How WAITT can help your business and communities year after year

An acronym for “We’re All In This Together,

WAITT is a marketing company that makes the world better’’.


How does this work, one might ask?

To make the world better, seems such a daunting task,

But it’s really quite simple, so let me begin

To explain why WAITT is for all a win-win.


WAITT connects businesses with their communities and towns,

Through systematic giving, spreading goodwill all around

WAITT changes your marketing dollars into donations,

By creating “giving calendars” filled with nonprofit organizations.


Each calendar is designed with your business goals in mind,

The nonprofits featured—that with your customers will align.


And though donations are made with no expectation of return,

There’s no doubt that recognition and gratitude from the nonprofits you will earn.

And organizations show their appreciation in a number of ways,

Through email blast, social media “likes” and newsletter displays.


WAITT helps you streamline giving back to your communities,

While brainstorming events that foster relationship opportunities,

In your town and beyond your exposure will increase,

New business and client loyalty will be enhanced and unleashed.


The world is a connected place, and relationships invaluable,

And together we can make the momentum of generosity unstoppable!

So don’t WAITT, to join WAITT,

The time is better than ever,

Donate to causes through WAITT – WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!