I want to thank you for your donations over the past couple of years. We are a very small fund and we have been able to give monetary gifts out to City Year members in New York, who excel in community spirit. My family and friends have been sending small amounts for 13 years.  My daughter, Anna Ray was serving her second year in New York with City Year when she died. For those who don’t know, she was killed in a drunk driving accident on Thanksgiving eve, 13 years ago.  City Year New York has been giving out an award to one of their graduates in her memory ever since the accident. Anna Ray had a spirit of giving, huge heart and beautiful dimples, which gave her an amazing smile and spirit.

Because of the donations from WAITT member businesses I have been able to also give other small monetary gifts to other City Year Graduates who are also amazing. Since WAITT businesses have been honoring Anna Ray by giving to the fund, we have grown and the gifts have grown as well. We are now able to reach out to City Year in Boston with a donation in Anna’s name.  Anna served Boston/City Year the year after she graduated high school.

It means a lot to me as Anna’s mom to be able to do something so wonderful in her memory and your donations have meant everything to this endeavor. Thank you again for your thoughtful donations and thank you for believing in WAITT. WAITT is doing amazing things and it is because of all of you amazing business owners who believe and who are giving for all the right reasons.

May you continue to see success in next year and all years moving forward.

Thank you,

Teri Wysor

Anna Ray Memorial Fund/City Year


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